Tty Converter, Signal Isolator, Signal Converter, Five Channel Buffer Amplifier, Relay Cards, Two Wire Transmitter, Sequential Timer, Dcpt Panel, Digital Meter, Humidity Controller, Mumbai, India
  (a) V24-TTY Converter
(b) Signal Isolator / Converter V/V, V/I, I/V, I/I, R/I, R/V, F/V, V/F, I/F, F/I
(c) Five Channel Buffer Amplifier 
(d) Relay Cards with facility for DIN Rail Mounting using Phoenix carrier
(e) Connector Interface (Rail Mounted Passive Interface Modules)
(D) FRC Connector to Screw Terminals)
(f) Extension Cards for B41, B42, (2 x 96 pin), Simadyn (1 x 48, 2 x 48 Pin)
(g) UPS Over voltage Protection Box upto 6 KVA (Black Box)
(h) Two Wire Transmitter for Loop Checking (4 to 20 mA)
(i) Timer for Relay Testing
  (j) Sequential Timer
(k) Rail Mounted Active Interface Modules
(l) Custom Built Instrument / Cards as per your requirement
(m) RS 232 to RS 485 Converter 
(n) Phase Sequence Indicator
(o) DCPT Panel
(p) Digital Meter / Humidity Controller


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